Conference room Midnattssolen

Our biggest local that fit excellent for exhibitions and bigger associations.
This big local is created by opening up the folded walls between Istappen, Snöflingan and Frosten. Three rooms become one big local.

Equipped with:

  • 3 x Projector/Screens
  • Whiteboard
  • Air Media (wireless media transfer)
  • Wireless connection to microphone
  • Direct socket for HMDI and VGA connection
  • Multiple furnishing options
  • Handicap accessible entrance

Amount: 226 people
Seating: theater seating
Sqm: 280

Booking Inquiry The Midnight Sun / Midnattssolen

Our conference rooms


Amount: 78 people in school sitting
Sitting: School, Group, Cinema and U
Sqm: 113


Amount: 56 people
Seating: School, Group, Cinema and U
Sqm: 93


Antal: 36 personer i skolsittning
Seating: School, Group, Cinema and U
Sqm: 70


Antal: max 12 personer
Sittning: Gruppsittning
Sqm: 23